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Policy | Child Safety and Use of the Library

Pine River Library welcomes library use by children and strives to create a comfortable environment for visitors of all ages. The library offers many programs and services that encourage children to develop a love of books, reading, and learning. Staff members are available to assist children with library materials or services.

  • Parents, guardians, and caregivers should be aware of library opening and closing times and library program times and make suitable arrangements to meet and/or transport their children. Occasionally the library may have to close unexpectedly due to emergencies, safety issues, or inclement weather. It is the responsibility of parents, guardians, or caregivers to let their children know what they should do if they must leave the library.
  • Parents and caregivers are reminded that unattended children may be at risk in any public place including the library.
  • The library is not equipped, and it is not the library’s role, to provide long or short-term child care nor to provide constant surveillance of children.
  • Children attending library programs are supervised by the library staff only during the scheduled time of the program.
  • For the safety and comfort of children, a responsible adult or caregiver should accompany children while they are using the library or on library property.
  • While in the library, parents and caregivers are responsible for monitoring and regulating the behavior of their children.
  • When library staff determines that a child is at risk, vulnerable, or disruptive, they will attempt to contact the parent or guardian. In the event that the parent or guardian cannot be reached, the child will be placed in the care of local law enforcement.
  • Library staff will not transport children home or to any other destination under any circumstances and are not responsible for children traveling to or from the library.
  • The children’s area of the library is specifically designed to serve the needs of minor patrons. Adults in the children’s area, not accompanying a child, may be asked to leave the children’s area and use other parts of the library.
  • Parents are reminded that they are responsible for supervising their children’s access to library materials and resources, including the internet. While the staff members are always available to lead young people to interesting materials selected with children’s interests and needs in mind, it is assumed that children who visit the library unattended are authorized to use the full range of materials available to our customers.
  • All decisions concerning an unattended child’s safety or behavior are based on the library’s code of conduct policy applied by the informed judgment of library staff.

Policy Created: June 2021

Approved by the Board of Trustees: July 2021