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Hopper’s Happy Readers

A cartoon frog with the text "Hopper's Happy Readers" and "1000 learning experiences before kindergarten."

How it works:

School readiness isn’t just about being ready for the academics but also being prepared socially and emotionally. The Happy Hopper’s Readers program supports and encourages caregivers to share 1,000 learning experiences before kindergarten, an undertaking that will help build their child’s school readiness toolkit.

This program highlights the five early literacy practices: read, talk, write, play, and sing. These practices work together to help kids understand how words sound, what letters look like, and how words link to images or objects. Everyone learns more effectively when we make it fun and relatable, so link your teaching to everyday life and daily experiences!

Sign your kid ages 0-5 up at the Library today! They will win prizes as they move through the learning stages- all the way from an egg to a fully grown frog! They will also receive a booklet that includes a list of suggested learning activities for each age group from birth to age 5.

This program was made possible by the Growing Readers Together grant from the Colorado State Library.

Wondering how you can get to 1,000 learning experiences??? It’s easier than you think!

  • 1 experience/day for 3 years= 1095 experiences!
  • 3 experiences/day for 1 years= 1095 experiences!
  • 10 experiences/week for 2 years= 1040 experiences!