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Library of Things

Logo of "Pine River Library of Things" with a stylized starburst design.

The Pine River Library is much more than a warehouse of books. We are a  hub of the Bayfield community offering a plethora of resources, activities, opportunities, and materials to people of all ages. In 2022 library staff held over 70 interviews with local residents to guide our new Strategic Plan. In response, we decided to expand our service to create a “Library Of Things” (LOT) as one of our Strategic Initiatives. For this collection we choose items that are useful, entertaining, financially beneficial, or educational. We have everything from a power drill to leather working kit!

Four line art icons: a pair of sunglasses, binoculars, a street lamp, and a telescope on a tripod.

Here are a few details about borrowing items from the Library of Things:

  • Checkouts are for one week.
  • You cannot place holds on items.
  • There are late fines for the items ($1 per day).
  • There is a cleaning fee if items are returned dirty.
  • You must be over 18 years old and have your library card for 90 days or longer to check out LOT items.
  • In order to check out items you must sign our Special Item Waiver.

Want to see a full listing of all our "Things"?

Have an idea for an item you would like to see added to the LOT in the future?